FreezerBondz Cryogenic labels

Liquid nitrogen freezer and frozen surface labels guarantee high quality text or barcode images that are easily legible after being stored in extremely cold conditions as well as withstanding extreme autoclave heat.

Printed on your thermal transfer printer, cryogenic labels can be applied to frozen surfaces including glass and polypropylene stored in liquid nitrogen. They have good print smudge resistance, solvent resistance, and good high and low temperature performance.

Typical laboratory applications for Cryogenic Labels include:

  • PCR, microfuge, and robot tubes
  • Cryovials

Key features of Cryogenic Labels:

  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Can withstand extreme cold
  • Can withstand extreme heat
  • Can be applied on to frozen surfaces

Looking for Cryogenic Labels?  Whether you are involved in biotechnology, agricultural, environmental or forensic laboratory applications - we can help!

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Freezerbondz Cryo labels