BradyPrinter i7100 Laboratory Label Printer - Vial Applicator

SKU: 307654

Title: i7100 300dpi + Vial App + Basic Software


Label vial tubes in a few seconds with the Vial Label Applicator

The BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer is a reliable, heavy-duty and high accuracy label printer that quickly prints a wide range of high quality identification materials.

Automate vial tube identification to increase the output of your laboratory. When linked to our BradyPrinter i7100, the Vial Label Applicator prints and applies labels on vial tubes in a few seconds and enables scientists to spend more time on core responsibilities.

  • Increase laboratory output: print and apply labels in a few seconds on capped and uncapped tubes with a diameter between 10 and 17 mm and length from 38 up to 105 mm.  
  • Labelled tubes can be removed manually or ejected automatically into a tray. Trigger printing with a foot pedal, sensor or programmable controller.
  • Reliable sample labels: our specialised laboratory labels will stay attached and intact throughout sample processing and storage. Labels will not smear nor smudge when exposed to typical laboratory chemicals when printed with Brady’s researched inks.
  • Easily design your labels: quickly design sample container label templates with Brady Workstation Lab Suite apps. Import data from Excel, create barcodes and add human readables in a few clicks.

Download Brady i7100 PDF Brochure

Reliable & fast: The BradyPrinter i7100 offers highly accurate label printing for business critical high volume identification challenges. The printer features:

  • a powerful internal processor designed to handle up to 7000 labels per day
  • up to 300 mm/sec print speed
  • 300 or 600 dpi ultra-sharp printing
  • center alignment of prints for high printing accuracy
  • interchangeable platen rollers for optimised printhead life time
  • a wide range of high quality identification materials

Easy to use: The BradyPrinter i7100 has an intuitive colour touch screen interface with distinctive icons to easily access the printer's menus. The printer's foldable cover allows for a small system footprint and enables users to quickly change consumables to start a new job or continue printing.

Flexible connectivity: To meet your unique workflow & data flow needs, the BradyPrinter i7100 connects any way you need it to be. It offers plenty of ports and an optional I/O connection that allows your printer to be triggered from the programmable controller, foot pedal, sensor or other basic device.

A wide range of applications: The BradyPrinter i7100 Label Printer can print on a wide range of durable and specialty identification solutions for Electronics, Aerospace, Defence and Mass Transit manufacturers, Automotive, Logistics, ICT Infrastructure and Telecom industries.  Label materials include:

  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves
  • High heat printed circuit board labels
  • Durable asset and component labels

      Product Highlights

      Colour Capability: Monocolour
      Resolution (dpi): 300 or 600 
      Recommended Usage per Day: 7000
      Max. Label Width (mm): 110.00 mm
      Max. Print Length (mm): 2000.00 mm

      Key Characteristics

      Weight (kg) 10.0

      Dimensions 252.00 mm W x 288.00 mm H x 288.00 mm L x 460.00 mm D

      Application(s) Laboratory identification, Cable & wire identification, Circuit board & component identification, General & industrial identification

      Bar Code Capability: Yes

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